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Anderson Park

Bellevue Avenue and N. Mountain Avenue
Montclair NJ, 07043

Neighborhood: Upper Montclair

Anderson Park is a 14.85-acre, small suburban park in Upper Montclair, bordered by North Mountain Avenue, Parkside Road, Bellevue Avenue, and NJ Transit train tracks.

Originally called "Montclair Park," this parkland was transferred to the Essex County Park Commission from the Town of Montclair in 1901. In 1909 the town requested the name be changed in honor of its original donor, C.W. Anderson.

As in the case of much of county parkland, this land was originally low and swampy. With underdrainage and fill, the trapezoidal-shaped tract was transformed into a beautifully landscaped park, featuring large shade trees and sprawling lawns. The design for the park was completed on August 4, 1903, by the Olmsted Brothers firm.

The park is unstructured and is generally used for strolling, Frisbee playing, and informal picnics. Therefore, no construction has been planned for this park. The passive scenery suits this quiet suburban neighborhood, in contrast to the heavily developed parks of Newark, illustrating how park design is dictated by the needs of the surrounding community.

. A scenic park with no recreational facilities
. Used for lacrosse and field hockey
. 3/5-mile jogging path
. Site of annual craft show
Date Title Destination Type
April 26 - April 26
10:30 AM
A Walk on the Wild Side of Anderson Park Anderson Park Attractions
May 10 - May 10
10:30 AM
Historic Walking Tour of Anderson Park Anderson Park Attractions

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