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Whether you like gardens, historical houses, art, cutting edge film and theater, live music or Yankees baseball, Montclair has it covered.

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Date Title Destination Type Neighborhood
April 26 - April 26
10:30 AM
A Walk on the Wild Side of Anderson Park Anderson Park Attractions Upper Montclair
April 26 - April 26
06:30 PM
MAM's Centennial Ball & Fashionably Late Dance Party Montclair Art Museum Attractions Montclair Center
April 27 - April 27
12:00 PM
A Persistent Passion: The Art of Lora Eberly Ballou: 1870-1976 Charles Shultz House Attractions Montclair Center
May 03 - May 09
Van Vleck House & Gardens 2014 Plant Sale Van Vleck House and Gardens Attractions Frog Hollow
May 03 - May 03
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Historic Walking Tour of Upper Montclair Business District - Attractions -

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