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Montclair Center


Here's where you'll find Montclair's top concert venue, professional theater, art house films, and dozens of shops, restaurants and cafes. Click on Montclair Center above for a listing of neighborhood businesses.

Upper Montclair


Don't miss the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, the world's largest, non-commercial garden dedicated to iris. Free to the public, Presby's blooming season is mid-May to early June. In the center of Upper Montclair's Business District, look for the 100-year-old clock owned by Chase bank, and surrounding Tudor-style shops and restaurants. See a listing of Upper Montclair Businesses.

Walnut Street


Home to Montclair's premiere jazz club, art galleries, artisan bakeries, and several top restaurants and shops. Walnut St. train station parking lot is transformed into Farmer's Market featuring fresh baked goods, live entertainment, and fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and much more from Garden State farms. Saturday, 8 am to 2 pm, from June through November. See a listing of Walnut Street neighborhood businesses.

Watchung Plaza


One of the region's best independent bookstores anchors this friendly neighborhood of shops, restaurants, and always buzzin' coffee house that roasts its own beans. See a listing of Watchung Plaza neighborhood businesses.

Frog Hollow

Pick up some Italian specialties at one of several delis and restaurants and head over to Edgemont Park for a picnic. A family favorite. See a listing of Frog Hollow neighborhood businesses.

The South End


Discover this growing shopping area of small shops and three neighborhood parks nearby. See a lsting of South End neighborhood businesses.

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