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Sight & Sound - A Night of Music, Poetry and Art

August 11 - August 11 07:00 PM
73 See Gallery - Montclair
Category: Performance

What: Sight & Sound - A Night of Music, Poetry and Art!
When: Saturday, August 11, 7:00 pm
Where: 73 See Gallery & Design Studio, 73 Pine Street, Montclair, NJ
Cost: $15

The monthly Sight & Sound event featuring Music, Poetry & Art is fast becoming a Montclair destination.

The 73 See Gallery is pleased to present John Kennedy, professionally known as "Better Blue", to the stage on Saturday, August 11. This talented musician, composer, arranger and producer. A cross between Neil Young and Van Morrison with intense spiritual force, "Better Blue" will move you, whether deep in your heart, or to your feet in applause, you will be moved by the music of this amazing musician.

Featured poet for the evening will be Montclair resident, Niraj Shah, a long-time writer since his youth, but a bona fide newcomer to professional recitation. Niraj is inspired by a deep inner need to create, and mostly writes about emptiness and heartache. He sometimes writes about religion and current political/economic issues. His interests in science and space also sometimes find their way into his writings. In addition to his poetic art, Niraj is also a visual artist working in several media.

Destination: 73 See Gallery

73 See Gallery
73 See Gallery   -   Website
73 Pine Street
Montclair New Jersey, 07042


Located in Montclair, 73 See Gallery is a 2,000 square foot art space and design studio. In addition to a fine arts gallery, 73 See Gallery also acts as a full-service graphic design studio and a venue for art classes, seminars and community events. Services include corporate identity development, graphic design, art direction, logo design, advertising, promotions, catalogues, consultation and more. For additional information, call the telephone number or visit the Web address provided.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday Noon - 6:00pm
Closed Monday or by appointment

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