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"Beyond the Facade: Cuba Revealed" Photographs by Jay Seldin

July 28 - September 14 
73 See Gallery - Montclair
Category: Arts

Jay Seldin CubaWhat: "Beyond the Facade: Cuba Revealed" Photographs by Jay Seldin
When: July 27 - September 14, 2012
Where: 73 Gallery See, 73C Pine Street, Montclair, NJ

Master photographer Jay Seldin’s work draws the viewer into the streets, dwellings, workplaces and lives of this special island that has been “forbidden” to US citizens for so many years.  Each of his photographs is a narrative speaking volumes through atmosphere, light, composition and color when Seldin so choses. Jay’s documentary style portraits act as visual short stories revealing meaning as he captures the subtle nuances of gesture, personal interaction and posture.

The still-lifes and city/countryscapes literally “freeze” the unique reality of this isla’s persona allowing the viewer a seemingly tangible experience to wander in and explore.

All works in the exhibit are available in very limited signed and numbered editions. Contact the Gallery with inquiries.

In addition to Seldin’s works Jay has curated work from the CPE Photo workshop collective that travelled with him to Cuba in April.

This selection of their photographs will also be on view at the gallery.

Destination: 73 See Gallery

73 See Gallery
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73 Pine Street
Montclair New Jersey, 07042


Located in Montclair, 73 See Gallery is a 2,000 square foot art space and design studio. In addition to a fine arts gallery, 73 See Gallery also acts as a full-service graphic design studio and a venue for art classes, seminars and community events. Services include corporate identity development, graphic design, art direction, logo design, advertising, promotions, catalogues, consultation and more. For additional information, call the telephone number or visit the Web address provided.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday Noon - 6:00pm
Closed Monday or by appointment

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